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We encourage everyone who works at FLX to report circumstances that are in conflict with FLX’s work environment policy.

The FLX whistleblower system should only be used as a reporting channel for serious misconduct in your workplace. In the first instance, try contacting your immediate supervisor or manager through regular reporting channels (verbal, email, telephone) before turning here, if possible. The information sent here goes directly to FLX CEO Joshua Mehr, but may be shared with additional individuals if deemed necessary to the best interests of the matter.

FLX will be unable to provide feedback if you choose to remain anonymous. Please fill in your contact information to receive an answer, however it is not required. It should feel safe to contact FLX and will not bring penalties or other negative consequences for individuals who make a report in good faith and in accordance with the purposes of this reporting channel.

Try to be as clear as possible in your report. Questions you are encouraged to answer are:

– What happened?

– Where did it happen?

– When did it happen?

– Who was involved?

– What other individuals might have knowledge/access to relevant information about the above?

– Is there documentation or other supporting documents that can facilitate the handling of the matter/serve as evidence? If so, please enclose this information.

– Is there any other information that may be relevant?

If it happened during a specific project at FLX, please let us know.