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The series about Jan Stenbeck is a story about the man who reluctantly took over the family business and turned it into a pioneering media empire that would change Sweden and the world. But also about the man whose vision challenged both business and politics.

Jan Stenbeck is born in 1942 into one of the most powerful Swedish business families of the 20th century. When his father and older brother suddenly die, just a few months apart, Jan has to leave his life in the US to come home to Sweden and take over the family business.

But Jan is not interested in following the family tradition, and throws the old company far into the future. On his way, he challenges everyone who comes his way – politicians, business leaders and even his own siblings. In just a few years, Stenbeck smashes the state’s telecommunications monopoly, launches the country’s first ad-supported TV channels and threatens the position of the powerful Swedish daily press with the launch of the free newspaper Metro.

Jan Stenbeck dreams of appreciation and recognition for his contribution to his country, but the love is not always reciprocated. And even if he succeeds in becoming the visionary who changed the nation forever, it comes at a high price.

STENBECK is based on Per Andersson’s biography of Jan Stenbeck.

Season 1

Writers: Alex Haridi & Lotta Erikson
Directed by: Goran Kapetanović
Producer: Lejla Bešić
Releases: 2025


Duration: 5×45 min
Broadcaster: SVT

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