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Jana - Märkta för livet


Based on Emelie Schepp’s best-selling book series about public prosecutor and former child soldier, Jana Berzelius. The first book in the series, Marked for life, is the story for our first season.

When a high-ranking head of the migration board is found murdered in his living room, the list of suspects is long. But no one expects to find mysterious, child-size footprints in this childless home. Assistant prosecutor Jana Berzelius steps in to parttake in the investigation. Jana is young and brilliant but is fighting terrible nightmares  – something she’s always been told is a result from her childhood as a refugee from a war-torn country.

But when the body of the preteen who killed the official is discovered, Jana recognizes something familiar on his small, scarred, drug-riddled body. Cut deep into his flesh is a Greek letter – the same scar Jana has carved in her neck. Now, Jana has to dig deep into her own horrific but hidden past, and in order to understand her past, she must find the real suspect behind these murders before the police do.

Season 1

Novel by: Emelie Schepp
Writer: Maria Karlsson, Daniel Sawka & Charlotte Lesche
Directed by: Felix Herngren & Henrik Björn
Producer: Sussan Treschow
Released: 19 april 2024


Broadcaster: Prime Video

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