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Andra åket


A comedy series about the Hedlund’s starting a new life in the far north of Sweden. The father Petter, runs in to culture clashes while Madde has an identity crisis; is she still the small-town girl from northern Sweden or did the big city change her more than she’d like to admit?

Season 1

Based on an idea by: Jessica Ericstam, Pontus Edgren & Erik Hultkvist
Head writer: Niclas Carlsson & Erik Hultkvist
Written by: Niclas Carlsson, Erik Hultkvist, Martin Persson, Sara Marmnäs Andersson & Tapio Leopold
Directed by: Felix Herngren, Martin Persson & Eddie Åhgren
Producer: Frida Asp
Released: 2018


Duration: 8 x 30 min
Broadcaster: SVT
Alternative title: Second Ride

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