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ICA Glashalt i butiken
Arla Gräddmjölk
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ICA Stigs Stora Kärlek
ICA Soffexperterna
ICA Var med och stöd Rosa Bandet
ICA Ulf ska dema en grill

Martin Persson


Martin Persson left southern Sweden as a 19-year-old and slid straight into the television industry. After more than a decade as a creator in entertainment television he begun writing and directing. He started off with the comedy drama Blomstertid for TV4, which became the first Swedish scripted format ever to be adapted for an American network. He then continued his directing career with a feature film, several award-winning TV series and roughly three hundred commercials. Among the TV series are The Bonus Family, Andra Åket and Äntligen, SVT’s Christmas drama for 2022. Martin has won the Swedish TV award Kristallen six times and made a name for himself by ingeniously navigating between laughter and well- calibrated emotional drama. Perhaps it’s the fact that he has sung and played several instruments since a young age that has given him the musical sense for tempo and timing that often permeates his productions.

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