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Hammarby fotboll – Vi ses snart igen
Svenska spel – Anti-smittdräkterna
Norrlands Guld – Motrörelsen
Head & Shoulders – Henkes pepptalk
PRV – Immaterialrätt eller fel
Bethard – Stroller
IKEA – Felix möter Ingvar Kamprad
Hammarby Fotboll – The beer celebration
Stena Line – Packningskollen
ATG – Drömfonden
Head & Shoulders – Överraskningen
ATG – The Beginning
Bethard – Be Soft

Bill Schumacher


When Bill first set his feet on a film set, he had his sight set on cinematography, but quickly realized that directing would better fit his desire to create and develop stories. The advertising industry should thank their lucky stars for that. Already in 2001, he got his hands on his first Roy Award and his showreel is now full of films that are tried-and-true in terms of character, tone and visual look. Directing people is one of Bill’s super powers, he can make anyone act natural and charming, no matter if it’s the world’s best football player, a skilled theater actor or a complete rookie. Or a cute, chatty pony.  

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