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Generation pep – Biblioteket
Directed By Ellen Grefberg, Erika Helin & Jonas Wallerström
Ellen & Erikas showreel
Directed by Ellen & Erika
Plan – Flickans röst
Directed By Molly Nutley
Generation pep – Busshållsplats
Directed By Ellen Grefberg, Erika Helin & Jonas Wallerström
Plan International
Directed By Molly Nutley
Giving People – Fruktstund
Directed By Molly Nutley
Giving People – Klassrum
Directed By Molly Nutley

Rising Stars


This creative duo met while studying TV at Stockholm University of Arts and realized they were even better together. With experience in journalistics and photography they became a multi competent duo and got a TV format picked up by a broadcaster before graduating. Their latest project is a documentary series in twenty episodes, shot In three different countries. Ellen & Erikas are busy with both developing and directing at FLX. They share the same business card, merely for environmental reasons, but also because two great minds are twice as good. Basic mathematics.

Talented Molly began her career in the film industry as an actress at the age of 14, and has had her focus on storytelling ever since. She is developing own ideas and scripts for television and In 2017, she directed a campaign for Plan International. A moving film about girls and their dreams being threatened by conservative forces. The campaign reached a great viral spread and made Molly even more determined to work her way up as a director, and changing the world a bit while climbing those creative stairs…

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