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Herngrens Husbil


Felix Herngren, a famous Swedish actor and comedian, takes his sister Moa Herngren, a popular writer and tv-personality, for an exiting road trip in his very own, beloved Camping Car. Together, they drive around in Sweden during the summer, visiting other famous siblings. Herngren’s Camping Car is, in more ways than one, a moving talk show. It is moving because of all the feelings, laughter and memories we get to share with all the brothers and sisters along the way, and it is moving because the show never stays in one place for very long. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Season 1

In the first season of Herngrens husbil the program was hosted by the siblings Felix Herngren & Moa Herngren
Guests: Plura & Carla Jonsson
Jenny & Susanna Kallur
Kristin Kaspersen & Malin Berghagen
Peg & Penny Parnevik
Linus & Pernilla Wahlgren
Björn & Oscar Gustafsson
Producer: Martin Hellborgsson
Released: 2018


Duration: 6 x 45 min
Broadcaster: Sjuan & C MORE

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