XS Only SM Only MD Only LG Only XL Only
Afry - Petri
Dun & Bradstreet - Corner corner office
IKEA – Taste the Future
VISA - Small & Medium Businesses Sverige
Burger King - The King of Fire Screens
Havrefras - Morgonrutinen
Dun & Bradstreet - Den fula ankungen
Harman Kardon - Reflections
Craft - Health wear
VISA - Small & Medium Businesses Latvia
Oddset - Corner
Arbetsmiljöverket - Köket

Peter Hansson


Peter began his career on the cult TV station ZTV, and over the years he has successfully directed and created tv-shows, commercials and branded content for all channels. With a strong attraction to the visual presentation in all forms, Peter creates films and formats with focus on the details as well as with great comic timing. Even though this francophile likes darkness, he claims that the reason he wants to make films is to entertain and make people smile.

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